FvF Mixtape #98 - Andrew Simon - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #98 – Andrew Simon


London-born and -raised Andrew Simon has been busy. He has spent the past two years building a life for himself in his new home of Berlin.

Here, he is the Director of RedSofa Berlin, an agency for sourcing creative talent across Europe, but music is his passion. In 2011 he set up the alternative and electronic record label Big Ship, with composer Beni Giles, and released breakthrough work from artists such as Joe Mckee, Adhelm, Marcus Foster and Life. His musical influences are wide and deep, and on this special mixtape he has crafted something with a seasonal touch. Andrew explains the thoughts behind his process.

“Having spent the vast majority of my life living in various different cities in the UK, Italy and now Germany, autumn is always my favourite time of year no matter where I am. Not only because of the colours, and the physical changes to the landscape, but because there is also an overall feeling that this freedom we have in the summer is now slowly going. There is this creeping cold that is starting to kick in, especially on those really grey, overcast and atmospheric days. I think it is a really contemplative and interesting time, a collective mindset of preparing for hibernation. So this is something I wanted to try and capture in this selection of tunes, something to try and bottle that feeling, of that overcast and atmospheric day. It’s music to stare out of a window to.”


    • 1 Holy Other – Yr Love
    • 2 BRAHMS – Toward the Ghost (Steve Moore Remix)
    • 3 Clark – Winter Linn
    • 4 Will Malone – Death Line (Title)
    • 5 MF DOOM – Hey!
    • 6 Dels – Fall Apart
    • 7 Nosaj thing – Fog
    • 8 Chelsea Wolfe – Halfsleeper
    • 9 A Silver Mount Zion – Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning

Thank you Andrew for this rich, autumnal mixtape, and for giving us an insight your creative thought process.

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