FvF Mixtape #95 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #95


Dewtone founder Dustin Morris has created a mix that perfectly encapsulates the astute aesthetic of the record label and audio platform. It explores the depths of electronica, where innovation is integral.

Describing itself as an advocate for soft frequencies might at first seem like a broad brush to paint with, but Dewtone takes this wide spectrum and distils it down into something much more than cohesive. The label and radio platform are host to hundreds of different artists from across the globe, all of whom share a passion for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of music. For almost a decade the label has been shining a light on these artists and bring their work to the fore.

We asked Dustin to to describe his mix and the Dewtone ethos in his own words:

“Much like the broadcast is curated, this mix finds an accessible point of entry and leads you into areas of music you might not have voluntarily explored. It’s an ethos I’ve stuck to since the project started. Dewtone grew out of a common thread tying so much of the music I was discovering together. It has turned out to be more a production value than anything else – a way we’ve grown accustomed to treating sound. This has allowed many forms of expression to fluently co-exist. I find it’s symbolic of the way we connect.

That revolution has been so openly linked to technology that Dewtone has always felt at home in digital – despite its tireless growth. I’ve worked to keep the project small as more services look to inject themselves between the artist and their audience. We’re far from settling on a model that works for everyone – and we may never, but  I encourage us to be mindful of the gifts we’re borrowing and seek out the most effective ways to show your support.”

Dustin is now working on bringing the Dewtone audio experience to mobile. To keep abreast of all the latest developments sign up to the mailing list, and for the moment enjoy the mix below.


  1. Pettenhäuser & Ohlendorf – B U
  2. Guy J – Lamur (AM Mix)
  3. Alex Humann – Crystallized
  4. Halftribe – Shells
  5. Alveol, Timo Camillo – Sunrise Flying Mojo
  6. Yagya – When They Stood, They Let Down Their Wings
  7. Cosmic Handshakes – Sunset Options
  8. Øe – Uncertainty Green
  9. Loscil – Holding Pattern
  10. Andrew Thomas – Shiny Garden
  11. Tone Color – Mon Jour De Chance
  12. Mon0 – Lightning Between Worlds

Visit the site and station and delve into the record label to continue your Dewtone journey.

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