FvF Mixtape #94 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #94


Music producer, composer and radio host Rodi Kirk has crafted our latest Mixtape, Float Some Jet Some. It’s an unpindownable splicing of tropical beats, dreamy synths, and a touch of the psychedelic.

New Zealand-born, Berlin-based Rodi Kirk takes a different approach to making music. Choosing to focus on collaborative experiences and different ways of experiencing music outside of the traditional stereo recording, this approach is reflected in the tone and nature of this Mixtape. Multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, it eschews the normative single genre style of mix and instead brings together seemingly discordant parts into a glorious whole.

It’s no surprise to learn that Rodi created two original film scores. This composition takes the form of a journey, picking you up, carrying you along, and then letting you float away. It’s the sound of a veteran club DJ being set free from the constraints of a dancefloor, and letting his curiosity take you to new, adventurous places. Go with it.

We’ve met Rodi on Freunde von Freunden before, through the portrait with his collaborator Aron Ottignon, and so we’re thrilled to have him involved in this creative capacity.


  1. Float Some Jet Some Intro – Berlin Community Radio
  2. Anoaur Brahem – Ronda
  3. Henri Trexier – L’elephant
  4. Dunkelziffer – Colours & Soul
  5. The Panthers – Bhairavi
  6. Yasmine Hamdan –  Hal
  7. Aron Ottignon – Rivers
  8. Mor Thiam – Ayo Nene
  9. Al Dobson Jr. – Santiago Black (Ptaki Version)
  10. DJ Steef – Black Savates (Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan edit)
  11. Mariah – 心臓の扉 (Shinzo No Tobira)
  12. Can – Mushroom
  13. Can – Turtles Have Short Legs
  14. Dymaxion – Ant’lrd Ally
  15. Orchestra of Spheres – Hypercube
  16. El Guincho – Trances
  17. Cobblestones Jazz – Traffic Jam
  18. Daphni – Springs
  19. Claude Speed – Tiger Woods
  20. Tim Hecker – I’m Transmitting Tonight

Rodi’s solo EP ‘Solms’ is available here, and you can also look for his latest collaboration with creative partner Aron Ottignon on iTunes. See Rodi and Aron in action in one of our recent stories.
For more in this vein, listen to Rodi and his friend Kava’s radio show Float Some, Jet Some on Berlin Community Radio.

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