FvF Mixtape #92 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #92


Our latest mixtape is brought to you by Klaas Von Karlos, optimum listening hours are between midnight and three o’clock, the witching hours of all frequencies. It resonates with a dark, pensive sexiness that is one part David Lynch film, and one part hallucination.

Klaas Von Karlos is the musical alias for American Filmmaker Jon-Carlos Evans, the frontman of Berlin/NYC based audio-visual collective, ReVerse Bullets. In his own music, Klaas often experiments with bringing a Dub aesthetic to heaviness, distortion, atonality, and electronic punk. In its bass-lines, reverb manipulations, and Dub grounds even the discordant sounds into something Ethereal.

For the tracks in this mix, Klaas’ influences were diverse and experimental. The different genres juxtapose, creating an intriguing mix of hauntingly electronic vibes. Discordant synths fuse together, standing on a platform of persistent and forceful beats. As the night draws in, these tracks have been pulled together to reflect a darkness that is sometimes creepy, sometimes peaceful, but always mysterious. The result: A Midnight Dub Haze.


  1. Hype Williams – Warlord
  2. Inga Copeland – So Far So Clean
  3. How to Destroy Angels – Keep it Together (Factory Floor Remix)
  4. Kode 9 f/Cha Cha – Love is the Drug
  5. Ultraista/Four Tet – Small Talk (Remix)
  6. Laurel Halo – Airsick
  7. Arca – Hips Don’t Lie
  8. Massive Attack/Mad Professor – Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma) Part 1
  9. Mad Professor – Rasta Chase
  10. Kode9 & Spaceape – Nine Samurai
  11. Alec Empire – Metal Dub
  12. Toto – Theme from “Dune
  13. Mad Professor – Rasta Chase (Reprise)

If this mixtape left you wanting to find out a little bit more about Klaas von Karlos’ music, check out his SoundCloud.

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