FvF Mixtape #83 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #83


Musician and multi-disciplinary artist Miguel Colmenares is strongly influenced by what he refers to as ‘Boom Music,’ an encompassing term describing tunes “for and from the soul” – from spiritual jazz by Alice Coltrane to futuristic techno by Carl Craig.

While a student at university, Miguel started testing the waters of playing and collecting records. Music is what sparked Miguel’s deeper creative exploration and unquenchable desire for new projects: “Through music I got the opportunity to meet and work with countless creative people while traveling and living in different cities and this has instigated a continuous search for further collaborations in other fields.”

Music and its associated lifestyle soon became a gateway to other interests, such as graphic design, illustration, architecture, food, and a particular way of living centered around culture. With this in mind, Miguel founded the platform colectivo futuro to share all of his forms of interests, whether visual or audible. It wasn’t long before this experimental endeavor grew into a small community of like-minded creative people combining their talents and working across disciplines.

The soulful mix he prepared for us gives us a small taste of his musical world: “It’s a selection of 14 tracks I’ve been either playing a lot recently or discovered in the past year while digging around for gems. Essentially, it’s a typical ‘Boom Music’ compilation: an earthy mix of soul music from different corners of the world.”


1. Barrington Levy – Vibes Is Right
2. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
3. James Mason – Funny Girl
4. Metal Fingers – Arrow Root
5. Fatima – Mind
6. Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away
7. Ronnie Laws – Captain Midnite
8. Ben E. King – Street Tough
9. Fred Wesley and The JB’s – Damn Right I’m Somebody
10. Reuben Wilson – Ronnie’s Bonnie
11. Itadi – Peace and Freedom
12. Roy Ayers – Chicago
13. Herbie Hancock – Karabali
14. Theo Parrish & Tony Allen – Feel Loved


Miguel, thanks for this soulful compilation! Have a look at his project, colectivo futuro.

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Cover Photography by: Tomas Hein