FvF Mixtape #79 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #79


Everyone needs a creative outlet. Gabe Jaffe certainly has a few. Getting bored easily has given him a bag full of experiences and an unquenchable thirst for new projects. In between all of that, he put together yet another incredible mixtape for us that definitely needs to be played on a loop.

Beyond making addictive music mixes like the one that follows he also runs ORALE, a pop-up Mexican taqueria in Amsterdam. As a NY native he thought something like this was truly missing from the European city’s scene. With his cool taqueria he shows up at various restaurants and bars around the city making traditional and new takes on tacos and Mexican food. In Gabe’s words, “Music feeds passion and creativity, chefs are just as creative as rock-stars…hell, chefs may be the new rock-stars.” Staying true to the same punk-rock DYI mentality of the pop-up restaurant, he continues his music show, BANKRUPT, delivering flashes of pure enjoyment. “We want to make people have a good time, short and sweet DJ mixes are another way to achieve that. Long DJ mixes are boring.”

Along with this mixtape, Gabe put together a short story – enjoy:

So you did something right for yourself, you went and got yourself a “Winter Boo,” someone to cuddle up with on those long cold and dark nights. Even though you both know by springtime it will be over.

This is a short mix for you – we don’t want to overestimate stamina. It starts out strong – the beginning gives you that chance to stake your claim. I am gonna put it down – for real. After the first ten minutes you both should be ready for some deeper grooves. Slowww it down, then speed it up.

Candles should be spilling all over the table, maybe a broken chair. You and your boo thang have covered some ground around your apartment. Shit is real good right now…. but we gotta slow it down for you again. Biting, hair pulling, deep breaths…breathe yo. Breathe. Keep it cool. 

You’re both fully in love lockdown. Do they like the way you flip your tongue or nah? Just to add some more spice, we get weirder…huge raging synths coming from all sides. The Tempest is rising.

This is your halfway point. The rest is all about the love and the memories you will create. You are both operators…even though you are having memories of your exes, show ’em you’re the man. Finally welcome to Stockholm with a dash of syndrome. Months from now when you both have moved on, you will still think about this night and smile.


Zola Jesus – Sea Change
Rustie – Attak ft Danny Brown (Mike 5000 Watts – Chopped N Screwed)
Ghost Culture – Arms
Future – Move That Dope (Falside Remix)
Rome Fortune – Nasty (prod. TM88)
Brackles – Palos Y Piedras
Moony – Ooh La La La
Ozzie – XO
Rustie – Tempest
ASTR – Operate (The-Drum Remix)
Flying Lotus with The Life Force Trio – Auntie’s Lock
Promnite – Used To Be [unity]
Sonny Digital – I’m The Man
Aphex Twin – Aisatsana
Snoh Aalegra – Stockholm Part II Ft. Cocaine 80’s (Outro)

Gabe along with his ORALE taqueria and his friend Guillermo Gonzalez, owner of Amsterdam’s fantastic cocktail bar Hiding in Plain Sight, are dropping by the FvF Apartment on the 23rd of January for a night of tacos and Mezcal tasting. 


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