FvF Mixtape #69

DZANG is the musical name for musican/producer/composer Adam Gunther. Gunther is an Los Angeles native living in Berlin who splits his time between work for stage, screen, and gallery. His new album XLO will be available today, February 25, as a limited edition vinyl or streaming at his website.

FvF_mixtape69_ DZANG_photo2-02

This mix shows that the world is equal parts honey and heroin, Roy Ayers and the Gun Club. In every new place there is something of the old. Sometimes dancing is the only way to get it and sometimes you just have to ask: Joyce Sims demanding and Dr. John inquiring. Thats probably a matter of self-confidence; the difference between Pusha T and Disco Inferno. Everything here is a love song of some sort: for another, for yourself, for the world.

1. Starlight – Bobby Freeman (Dzang remix)
2. Love Stepping Out – Disco Inferno
3. Pass That Shit – DJ Rashad
4. Sex Beat – The Gun Club
5. Everybody Loves the Sunshine – Roy Ayers
6. Chemirocha – Unidentified (from Kenya)
7. Numbers on the Boards – Pusha T
8. Psychotic Photosynthesis – Omar S
9. What You Won’t Do For Love/Int’l Players Anthem – Bobby Caldwell/UGK ft. Outkast (Dzang edit)
10. Hamiltonian – The Range
11. Papi – Dean Blunt
12. Come Into My Life – Joyce Sims
13. Raga Bhupali – Charanjit Singh (Dzang edit)
14. Did She Mention My Name? – Dr. John
15. Houses – Elyse
16. If I Stay Too Long – The Creation

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