FvF Mixtape #24 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #24

Say hello to Ike Forsyth, a former member of the FvF team but still a good friend of the family. This young surfer brought all of his positive personality and the sunshine from Camps Bay into our office and compiled this beautiful mixtape while interning for us.The morning starts quite dramatic with the Portico Quartet, before smoothing down with Console and Angus & Julia Stone around noon. With the sun setting and cooling off the heat of the day, the shadows of the night appear with Matias Aguayo and Sedge Warbler.

1. Ruins – Portico Quartet
2. Vinyl Frontiers 1 – Vinyl Frontiers
3. Between Two Points feat. Swan
4. I can Dub Anything – Electric Funky Afro (vinyl)
5. Winess (Walworth Road Rockers) – Roots Manuva
6. Private Lawns – Angus & Julia Stone
7. Independencia – Console
8. Heavy Vudu – Scratch
9. Puma Side 4 (vinyl)
10. Through The Flesh – Onra
11. Violent Games – Polica
12. Skewed Emapthy (Skratch Bastid remix) – Cyrstal Castles x Outcast
13. Numb – Portishead
14. Lazer Opera – Fancy Mike
15. Rollerskate (radio edit) – Matias Aguayo
16. Get Crunk Wit Jesus -(Mix N Blend) – Sedge Warbler