FvF Mixtape #70 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #70

Elél is the current moniker of Lucas Liccini, one half of DJ-duo Papa Linguini. Lucas Liccini is currently studying visual communication at UdK Berlin, after gaining several years of publishing experience at both Phaidon Press in London and Gestalten Verlag. In his spare time he releases fun and witty publications under his own imprint Doppell Edition.FvF_mixtape-70-elel-landscpape-1The mix starts off slow with a very relaxing selection of some old and new ambient, film and experimental electronic music, before gradually building up to a more bouncy blend of tracks. Expect a guided meditation followed by Arcade Fire’s “Morning Talk” and good vibes from Joakim. Loosen up, inhale, exhale and: listen.

Photo: Veronika Natter


1. Guided Meditation
2. Arcade Fire – Morning Talk
3. Chinatown – Do Make Say Think
4. Kate Simko – Tevatron Dream
5. Cliff Martinez – Pretend It’s a Video Game
6. Delia Derbyshire – Air
7. Ezekiel Honig – Passing Through
8. Pulshar – Mr Money Man
9. Orson Wells – Searching
10. Admin – Looking Through
11. Ital – Queens
12. Emilie Nana – Usual
13. Joakim – Another Light
14. Paxton Fettel – Permafunk
15. Locked Groove – Do It Anyway
16. Alan Strani – Oral Intercourse