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Link List #84: Summer flash fiction by the pool, measuring a foot with a village, India’s increasing inequality, and boosting bass


As India’s economy has grown, their levels of inequality have been growing even faster. Meanwhile, The New Yorker kick off their Summer Flash Fiction series—take a look at nine classic photos of sunny poolsides to get you in the mood for some summer reading. We’ve also been chuckling at an old English (very English) lecture about how the length of a foot as a unit was measured in 16th century Germany. And then we got carried away with a Chrome extension that lets you modify your computer’s EQ levels. Youtube DJ stardom, here we come!

    • 1 In Link List #83 we read about the rise of India’s tech industry and the explosion of a new middle class, throwing the nation’s economy into the 21st century. Now we consider the vast majority of India’s population who have been left firmly in the poverty of the 20th, in this Guardian long read article on The Staggering Rise of India’s Super Rich.
    • 2 The New Yorker published an enigmatic little piece by Joyce Carol-Oates last week, and this week they released another captivating bitesized tale, Peter Orner’s My Dead. Keep your eyes on their Summer Flash Fiction series for a new gem of creative writing every seven days.
    • 3 How did people used to determine the standard length of a foot? Aeon have dug through the Royal Institution archives to find a video where an old professor who speaks like English royalty explains just that. Whether you care about units of measurement or not it’s worth a watch, if only for a gawk at the hairstyles and woolly jumpers on display.
    • 4 These images had us grabbing our towels and sunscreen. Aperture have selected nine photographs of swimming pools that express all the languid moods, glamorous parties, excitable crowds, and sensual experiences that come part and parcel with those strips of blue.
    • 5 We shared a piece on waveforms in our last Link List—now here’s something you can apply your new knowledge to. The Ears Audio Toolkit lets you adjust the EQ levels of your music via a handy little Chrome extension in the corner of your browser. Careful with the bass boost option though. Trust us.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for this week’s Link List, but if you’ve still got an internet itch to scratch, we’ve got loads more for you to browse.

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Text: Louis Harnett O’Meara

Photography: Bart Kiggen