Link List #66: Make your own feminist zine, explore some intersectional fashion and add Rebecca Solnit’s new book to your reading list

On Wednesday we saw women and non-binary folks gather to celebrate International Women’s Day. In honor of that, we compiled some of the best femme-centric content around the web that we’ve been reading this week.


    • 1 With gender inequality rife in the art world (at the last count, less than 5% of MoMA’s artworks were by women), this week it was refreshing to see Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra win the Hasselblad Prize for her identity-driven portraits.
    • 2 In the wake of the US administration’s repeal of Planned Parenthood funding, women are taking a stand on their reproductive rights. This illustrated zine looks at the history and future of contraception in America. Print and fold your own copy from their website, or make lots of copies to distribute in your own community.
    • 3 The pleasure of walking in the city belongs to everyone, regardless of gender. So why has the word flâneur, meaning a person who walks and observes the city, traditionally been applied to men? This essay over at Longreads looks at the transgressive history of women walking in urban space.
    • 4 We’ve been getting our teeth into Sukeban, a young, vivid magazine of intersectional feminist fashion. It is unashamedly badly behaved, even taking its name from the Japanese word for a delinquent or ‘boss’ girl.
    • 5 In her essay “The Two Types of Trans Women”, over at The Daily Dot, Larissa Pham explores the poverty of representation when it comes to trans women in the media.
    • 6 Rebecca Solnit’s 2014 book, Men Explain Things To Me is credited with coining “mansplaining.” Although Solnit has since distanced herself the neologism, there’s no denying the book’s influence on contemporary feminism. This week she returns with a follow-up, The Mother of All Questions. Read more about it on Goodreads.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the FvF office is enjoying this week.

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Text: Siobhan Leddy
Photography: Tobias Kruse

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