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Link List #61: Throwing stones in Berlin, flying cats and ice-cold films


If you’ve wondered which Berlin run spaces you need to see, how felines look in flight or what other creatives eat for breakfast, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the links we spent our holidays perusing.

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    • 1 “If you throw a stone in Berlin, you’ll hit an artist,” or so Artsy says. They’ve compiled a list of artist-run galleries that you should know about if you’re in town.
    • 2 If you’ve ever wondered how your contemporary creatives spend their time, or where they live, work and play, we have found the answer! Format and Sam Island have teamed up to create some beautiful infographics that show the daily routines of artists.
    • 3 Pigs can’t fly, but perhaps cats can? It’s Nice That showcases the surrealist artwork of Viennese photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkok—who maintains that all cats jumped of their own accord.
    • 4 The days might be getting shorter, but the European winter definitely feels in full swing outside! Embrace the snow with a playlist of ice-cold films that Nowness has curated for the winter season.
    • 5 For a literary geek out, head to the BBC to hear Jeremy Irons read the complete collection of TS Eliot’s English poems.

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Text:Rosie Flanagan