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Link List #57: A Digital Mark Zuckerberg Doppelganger, an athlete moving from the rainforest to Rio, and an opulent bowling alley


At the tip of the digital zeitgeist wave, this Link List brings to you the most powerful content from the internet.

Click through our picks of the web’s perspective on the inspiring and bizarre happenings around the world. Chinese tech hopes to rise above the fumes, an Amazonian archer shoots for the Olympics, and French paintings defy perspectives.


    • 1 From the heart of the Amazon Basin, Nowness brings a story of Olympic aspiration. The short film chronicles the efforts of archer Braga da Silva from the indigenous Kambeba community to earn a place on the Brazilian Olympic team, strengthening his skills with an air of added competition.
    • 2 Bloomberg Businessweek offers the opportunity to get up-close and uncanny with a placid-eyed Mark Zuckerberg. James Singleton and Steph Davison created a mock internet installation featuring a cover and fake virtual reality of a Zuckerworld to satirize the mogul’s brazen monopolization of the online domain including the acquisition of virtuality tech company Oculus in 2014.
    • 3 Take a peek inside this glamorous bowling alley garnished with decor fit for the underground handouts of Jay Gatsby. Fubiz goes to California’s Highland Park Bowling to capture the eerie charm of the spot which originally opened it’s doors in 1927. The space was refurbished by Los Angeles prohibition-era throwback investors, 1933 Group.
    • 4 The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB-1) was able to carry 400 people above traffic when recently unveiled in Qinhuangdao. Though certainly an interesting concept, Wired took a closer look at the newfangled transport, openly pondering whether the buses are worth 4.5 million dollars a piece.
    • 5 Though the surfaces of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseille twist away from each other, artist Felice Varini’s work unites them with large scale anamorphic paintings. According, to Dezeen, the installation was created for the MAMO arts center that now presides over the space.


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Text: Alice Bardos