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Link List #56 Selfie-inspector gadget technology, an island fit for Simon & Garfunkel and eco-friendly French roads


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    • 1 “I am a rock, I am an island,” sung Simon and Garfunkel. With creative spirit to match the ’60s, the era the song was penned, AnOther Magazine’s pick out the best artistic islands worldwide. Featuring Canada’s North Atlantic Fogo Island which has restructured its society to charity-based inviting artists, filmmakers and designers over to prove itself to be a profitable creative force.
    • 2 France plans to ramp up contributions to global climate change, not by taking cars off the roads, but by reimagining the pavement below the wheels. According to Curbed the company Colas has developed photovoltaic pavers which over the span of one-thousand kilometers can generate enough juice to keep eight-percent of the nation’s households running by 2021.
    • 3 Artist Yayoi Kusama has leant her swirling illustrations to a contemporary version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. It’s Nice That gives more insights into the tandem project for the the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen here.
    • 4 From trees transplanted into former bunkers to flipping off cultural landmarks, Ai Weiwei’s work is infamously subversive and provocative. Nowness offers a stoic portrait of the artist reflecting on his politics and imprisonment. The film comes together as a highly relevant meditation on current issues including the refugee crisis.
    • 5 2016 is officially the year that drones and the selfie-stick unite. Designboom brings us the story of Nixie, the developers who created a watch that flies off of your body and becomes a quadcopter ready to capture photos and films—all at the flick of your wrist.

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Text: Alice Bardos