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Link List #54: Best bare-all printed magazines, dog-sledding North of the Pines, and passive-aggressive designer GIF to Brexit


The latest edition of the FvF Link List has found the meaning in the mundane—after thoroughly exploring all corners of the internet we’re delivering the scoop just for you.

We’re featuring Anti-Brexit washroom rap, machines challenging the chops of master artists, and classical pianists performing for icebergs, recently there has been a lot of strangely intriguing content around the world wide web. We hand-picked the ripest selection, to help you get a grip of our crazy world.



    • 1 Just off the coast of Norway, Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi played a requiem for the recent cataclysmic loss of Arctic ice. The event was filmed in partnership with Greenpeace as a last ditch effort to raise awareness about climate change. The piece hit home hardest with shots of the real-time dropping of glacial shelves as the somber music progresses. Found via High Snobiety.
    • 2 Magculture dropped by the Netherlands where they chatted with provocative art director Jaap Biemans of Volkskrant Magazine, and creator of Coverjunkie. Get the scoop on the designer’s favorite prints of all time—the selections might not be hot off the press, but there are some pretty eccentric choices amongst them and worth a look.
    • 3 Most people won’t ever get around to dog-sledding north of Canada’s tree line. But in this feature from Sidetracked you can get chills from the set of stunning photographs taken during Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer’s mission to retrace the tracks of Erik’s parents, who encircled the entire island 25 years ago. Prepare for some pretty haunting sights including crisp snow-blanketed mountains, 13 Canadian Inuit dogs, and the Aurora Borealis.
    • 4 It’s Nice That has made a compilation of the best responses by creatives to the dreaded Brexit. Spanish toilet rap from artistic collective Hungry Castle adds an ironic note to some otherwise strange GIFs, frightening interactive web pages as well as informed discussions and podcasts. Take your pick of the motley mix here.
    • 5 The Next Rembrandt isn’t really an artist—or even an individual—but instead is a work created by a group of data scientists and engineers. The 3D print is of a fictional man from the artist’s time and was generated through algorithms over a span of 18 months. If you can’t get over to Amsterdam to see it in reality, visit the piece virtually here and see just how detailed this mimicry of the master painter got.

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