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Link List #47: Polish milk bars, Cuban musicians and Berlin on screen


Once again, we’ve done the browsing so you don’t have to and compiled a summary of our favorite online stories from the past week. Berlin on film, ideas that are changing the world, and emerging musical talent from Cuba—they’re all available to browse and share. Enjoy!

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    • 1 Dazed met up with the ever forthright David Bailey ahead of his talk at The Photography Show to get his opinion on everything from Trump to the definition of art, and why he’s working harder than ever at age 78.
    • 2 Ever wondered how to get that perfect culinary shot? It’s Nice That reveal the tricks of the food photography trade, featuring talcum powder and ice cream made of mashed potato. Click at your own risk.
    • 3 Milk bars, the stalwart of Polish cuisine, have been dwindling since the fall of the Iron curtain. From 40,000 strong under the communist regime, continual cuts to the government subsidy of the everyman’s eatery have seen numbers fall to 150. Quartz have the full story on the beloved Polish institution.
    • 4 Is the rise in the use of headphones perpetuating the modern dilemma of the ‘lonely crowd’? Not according to Nautilus, who argue that the experience of music is inherently social, so that even when we listen alone, we feel together.
    • 5 Pro-skater Richie Jackson’s moves are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before: creative, original, and full of humor. And he’s a pretty natty dresser, too! Check out this video on Digg showing the master at work.
    • 6 Yatzer speaks to Creative Director Jeffrey Bowman, whose latest publication The Great Wide Open takes readers on a visual journey, celebrating the desire for outdoor adventure. The book, published by Gestalten, focuses on the stories of the photographers and is worth a read purely for the truly jaw-dropping scenes of natural beauty.
    • 7 Addressing issues of mental health, poverty, and the food industry, Co.Exist brings us ten world changing ideas currently in motion. Each will give you a sense of optimism for 2016—and humanity in general.
    • 8 Charles and Ray Eames are household names for their work in the world of design. A new exhibition at Brussels’ Art & Design Atomium Museum delves into their personal photographic archive, focusing on the time they spent on the film sets of celebrated director Billy Wilder. Co.Design has the story.
    • 9 To mark the release of Sebastian Schipper’s Berlin-based feature film ‘Victoria’, AnOther have put together their top picks of the German capital on film. From classic to contemporary cinema, Liza Minelli to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, check it out here.
    • 10 As part of their topical week-long feature on Cuba, Huck Magazine shines a spotlight on the artists emerging from a diverse and exciting music scene that has been kept in the dark for too long.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the FvF office is enjoying this week.

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Text: Maddy Tickner