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Link List #45: Jamaican music history, millennial refrigerators, and puddle mania


It’s important to maintain a balanced diet of internet consumption. Luckily, this edition of the link list gives you more than your five-a-day.

Feed your mind with insightful literature, from revolutions in reading to what the future holds for photography. There’s a visual feast of next-level color coding, a witty infographic, and—for even more laughs—the all-important puddle update.

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    • 1 Anatomy of a Food Obsessed Millennial is a self-confessed “less than scientific” infographic from Bon Appétit that pokes a bit of good-humored fun at the generation shelling out $96 billion a year on food. The refrigerator revolution is fermenting.
    • 2 Huck Magazine look at the role of photography and protest in postwar Japan through the short-lived magazine Provoke. While only only running for three issues, the publication provided an unprecedented space for visual dissent.
    • 3 Few things are as nerdily enjoyable as color coding. Boooooooom share the efforts of instagrammer Tamara Eda Temucin, who finds uncanny matches for minimalist photos in classic book covers. Have a look, it’s strangely satisfying.
    • 4 Nerdwriter1 sets the record straight with a sonically pleasing lesson in Jamaican music history, tracking everything from ska to reggae to 90’s dancehall — the foundation of Rihanna’s  “Work” that Rolling Stone mislabelled as tropical house. Watch to brush up on your pop lineage.
    • 5 The Next Revolution in Photography is Coming is the bold title of  TIME’s feature on the future of computational photography and the mind bending visuals we as an audience will soon be expecting. Our photo editor Daniel suggested this link, so however inflammatory, we’re assuming it’s worth your while.
    • 6 “Critics like to say the Internet causes our minds to wander off, but we’ve been wandering off all along,” begins Nautilus’ engrossing long-form that takes us back through the historic developments in reading (fact: silent reading was once considered revolutionary) to explain just why we shouldn’t fear digital narratives.
    • 7 The editorial team at FvF are proud to share you this next link because we lived through it together. Vice follow up on the event that made our January, the inexplicably enthralling “Drummond Puddle Watch”. Were you there too? Read on for the legacy.
    • 8 It’s no secret that mornings seem to keep their own time. Fast Company share The First Four Things You Should Do Every Workday to make your morning fly by…productively. Consider it guilt free procrasti-reading.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the FvF office is enjoying this week.

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Text: Ruby Goss