Link List #37 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Link List #37


At FvF, we’re always connected. With our Link List, we wade into the frontlines of the digital zeitgeist to find the best articles and links and then collect them here for you to enjoy and share.

This edition of the Link List dances through club culture’s debt to the LGBT community, meets of-the-moment artists and gallerists making a mark on the contemporary scene and detours to Cuba and Chile. But it also doesn’t shy away from sharing pieces that tackle tough topics – like coming to terms with fear or tracing the stories of lost refugees. Check out what we’re reading lately.

  1. El Ritual: a day in the life of Cuban skateboarder Yojani Perez Rivera, over on Nowness.
  2. Artsy profiles the Haas brothers and their humorous, earnest Metamodernist sculptures.
  3. Resident Advisor boogies back in time to find out how the LGBT community has been influencing club culture since the days of disco.
  4. i-D introduces five gallery heavyweights of the Berlin contemporary art scene.
  5. The Techno Skeptic has an interesting opinion piece on the effect of ad-blockers on journalism.
  6. The executive director of New York City’s Historic House Trust thinks that house museums need an operational facelift. Curbed checks out his new book – an Anarchist’s Guide.
  7. Aldo Kane writes for Sidetracked on how he faced extreme fear working in Sierra Leone and came out the other side stronger for it.
  8. On Medium, Eric Reidy investigates the disappearance of the “Ghost Boat” and asks the question: what happens to refugees and illegal immigrants who perish at sea?
  9. It may look like a military bunker, but a new telecommunications building in Santiago, Chile is actually an innovative, highly engineered piece of architecture. Dezeen has the story.


Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the FvF office is enjoying this week.

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