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Link List #35


At FvF, we’re always connected. With our Link List, we wade into the frontlines of the digital zeitgeist to find the best articles and links and then collect them here for you to enjoy and share.

This week, Greece is at the forefront of our minds after two special visits for FvF Cooks and FvF Explores – we’ve already roamed the island of Antiparos and tomorrow we’ll tell the story of our climb up Philapappos Hill for a park picnic in Athens. This edition of the Link List begins with two more items from the Hellenic Republic: one takes us on a typographic tour of aging storefronts; the other tells the story of a painter working to preserve classic movie billboard traditions. 

Beyond Greece, this Link List taps into the life’s more sensitive side, exploring the meaning of equality, the vulnerability of sleeping in public and the art of the manly cry. Finally, check out highlights of the Downtown LA art scene, and meet the online encyclopedia that is attempting to make the internet (a little) less trashy.

  1. There’s one remaining movie theater in Athens that still relies on handpainted movie billboards, created weekly by octogenarian Vasilis Dimitriou. The New York Times profiled him last year.
  2. Georgios Makkas’ photo series “The Archaeology of Now” is a still-life collection of old storefronts in Athens featuring beautiful typography.
  3. Over the centuries, social constructs of masculinity and emotion have evolved. Sandra Newman wonders: what has happened to the art of the manly cry?
  4. Nautilus Magazine explores the elusive combination of biology, technology and social connectivity that could be the secret to happiness.
  5. It’s not the pilot of a TV show that will get you hooked. The Verge reveals the turning point when we go from interested to addicted.
  6. Photographer and gallerist Max Farago introduces us to the people and places of Downtown LA’s buzzing art scene.
  7. Dreams, nightmares, counting sheep: what we do while we’re asleep is fundamentally private. VSCO digs into this vulnerability by curating a photo series of people sleeping in public.
  8. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is trying to create a less trashy internet. Quartz has the story behind the online resource.
  9. Stephen Mack writes for Kernel Mag of his podcast obsessions.
  10. Dylan Matthews questions “equality of opportunity” and whether it’s the economic and social solution we need.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the FvF office is enjoying this week.

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