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Link List #173: A collection of resources for building a more sustainable web

While the internet is often portrayed as a weightless counterpart of the physical world, everything we do online, from sending emails to visiting the horoscope section of our favorite site requires a large physical infrastructure and amount of resources.

With our lives and creative professions relying on digital and virtual technologies to a growing extent, an inspiring number of initiatives have taken to the subject, shedding light on environmental cost of digital activities all while investigating more sustainable digital routes. In tune with our Deep Dive into digital pollution and sustainable publishing, we asked Jeanne Harignordoquy from Anyways Creative, Hala Alsadi from Wonderland, Tim Frick from Mightibytes, and Tom Greenwood from Wholegrain Digital to share their recommendations for getting a better grasp of the issue.

Loww Directory


A collection of beautiful, lightweight websites by design studio Hey Low. The project is continuously updated to remind creatives across the digital sector that adopting sustainable pratcies doesn’t mean cutting back on looks and user experience.

Sustainable Digital Design


This platform by Design Studio Wonderland is intended as a one-stop for learning about sustainability in connection with digital design, including reflections and guides on greening 3D design and the latest sustainable tools.

Thanks in Advance


Did you know that over a year, one inbox consumes enough energy to run a hot shower for about 4 minutes? This project by Anyways Creatives explores the collective environmental impact of emails as an entry point to building awareness around our digital habits and their carbon footprint.

Synthetic Messenger


Upon recommendation of Jeanne Harignordoquy, one of the creatives behind Thanks in Advance, Synthetic Messenger is “a botnet that artificially inflates the value of climate news. Everyday, it searches the internet for news articles covering climate change. The project is currently on pause, but the thinking behind it is quite genius.”

Sustainable Web Design


A platform launched by the founders of Mightibytes, and Wholegran Digital to educate tech companies and designers about sustainable web design. The platform explores pathways and approaches to delivering digital products and services that align with the principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto: clean, efficient, open, honest, regenerative, and resilient.



A web-based app launched as early as 2013 by digital agency Mightybytes to measure the carbon emissions of any given webpages. The website provides its visitors with a number of useful estimates and with score-specific guidance on lowering their website’s emissions.

Branch Magazine


“We believe that the internet must serve our collective liberation and ecological sustainability. We want the internet to dismantle the power structures that delay climate action and for the internet itself to become a sustainable and positive force for climate justice.” With an interest in various practices, including art, design, policy and advocacy, Branch is a non-profit, online magazine that challenges its readers to imagine a sustainable and just internet.

Curiously Green Newsletter


Curated by digital agency Wholegrain Digital, this monthly newsletter a mix of news and opinions on different aspects of greening the web.

Creatives for Climate


A cross-sector collective calling for creatives to tackle greenwashing in their fields and find collaborative, creative formulas for approaching the challenges brought on by climate change.

This collection of links is meant to complement our Deep Dive into digital pollution and sustainable publishing, and provide creatives from all fields with some coordinates for learning about and navigating the subject.

Text: Amelie Varzi
Hey Low, Wonderland Studio, Jose Flores for Anyways Creative, Aravani Art Project for Branch Magazine, Wholegrain Digital, Mghtybytes, and Creatives for Climate.