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Link List #134: Black women in comedy, Cynthia Nixon, and #bigwitchenergy

Link List #134: Black women in comedy, Cynthia Nixon, and #bigwitchenergy

This week we’ve been reading about the comedians challenging Hollywood’s predominantly white infrastructure, ‘The Cynthia Effect’, and what nuns get up to behind closed convent doors.

A Black Lady Sketch Show, video still. Courtesy: HBO.
    • Bubblegum Club takes a look at what we can expect from the second Lagos Biennial for contemporary art opening later this month.
    • The New York Times features photographer Jessica Wynne’s images of mathematician’s blackboards, which present swirling, scientific chalk diagrams as artistic and visually interesting.
    • By taking a look at the new wave of stand-up specials, sketch shows and comedy-dramas taking on Hollywood predominantly white infrastructure, Frieze magazine asserts that it’s time to respect black women in comedy.
    • In one of her first interviews since the 2018 gubernatorial election, actor and politician Cynthia Nixon speaks to Indie about her run for office, the rise of ‘The Cynthia Effect,’ and who would be the right candidate for 2020.
    • Sleek magazine analyses the internet trend of “#bigwitchenergy” and rounds up the women—from the UK Supreme Court’s Lady Hale to Sabrina the Teenage Witch—that have it, and why.

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