Link List #13

The FvF days are digital, and therefore we come across many bookmark-worthy links beyond the lifestyle scope. Thanks to our Link List, you can now find all of our finds in one place.

From an insider’s guide to Johannesburg, idioms that can’t be translated literally to the world’s 10 most innovative companies of the year, our Link List contains something for everyone. Happy reading!

  • The New Yorker‘s film critic Anthony Lane takes a swing at the Fifty Shades of Grey film – and pretty much every line is worth quoting.
  • Fast Company shares the world’s 10 most innovative companies of 2015.
  • Josef Talotta of Condé Nast Traveller gives us an insider’s guide to Johannesburg.
  • TED Blog shares 40 idioms that can’t be translated literally.
  • The British accent has just been confirmed as the ‘most dateable accent’ – The Guardian reports.
  • (German article) Antje Stahl vom Monopol Magazin wirft einen kritischen Blick auf die mediale Auseinandersetzung mit dem Krieg und Terror.
  • Matter’s 6 Degrees of Inspiration is a great new concept – we especially enjoyed this episode with publisher Penny Martin and painter Ella Kruglyanskaya.
  • Flipboard is now available for desktop and we love the design!

Thanks for reading and clicking – we hope our links inspired you and gave you an insight into the interests at the FvF office.

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