Opulent seaside villa nestled in the Greek hills - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Opulent seaside villa nestled in the Greek hills

8 bedrooms
9 bathrooms
725 m² approx living space
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Spread across the coastline of the island of Mykonos, this breathtaking property overlooks incredible views of the ocean and is ideal for cultivating a relaxing and meditative lifestyle. The expansive outdoor area provides an array of spots to soak up the Greek sun and enjoy the world famous island’s mesmerizing landscape. Due to its hillside location, the villa extends across two floors, creating a sense of space and depth and offering a range of stunning views.

The villa includes a steam bath or ‘hammam’, giving the opportunity to fully sink into the feeling of Mediterranean escape. The sun-drenched stonework of the villa leads seamlessly to the oak wooden floors within the property itself, extending the sense of luxury and comfort through the home. Its five master bedrooms, fitness area, barbecue space, and outdoor bar means that the opportunities for entertaining and engaging in favorite pastimes are limitless.

The gorgeous island of Mykonos is a location that offers everything, from unbeatable nightlife, to iconic architectural landmarks, to award-winning restaurants. From Mykonos you can take a short boat ride to the historic Delos Island for a cultural excursion, or stay on its coast and explore picturesque beaches. The beauty of the surrounding area evokes a sense of magic and wonder; in Mykonos, the atmosphere is of a never-ending summer filled with joy and rest.