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Luxurious penthouse loft on the edges of Kreuzberg, Berlin

3 Number of bathrooms
6 Number of rooms
480 Approx. floor area in sqm
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Escape the bustling creative energy of Kreuzberg, Berlin with this elegant, four-story penthouse loft that emanates luxury like no other. 

Impress all with this 6-meter chandelier situated in the center of the flat.
A view of Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s most sought-after neighborhoods.
A warm and romantic living area perfect for getting through grey Berlin winters.

This penthouse impresses all with its stylish furnishing and design concept. Extending over three floors, which can be accessed via lift from the ground floor, the loft’s amenities include an office, utility room, gym with a massage room, and a guest bedroom and bathroom. The living rooms, Botti-fitted kitchen, and adjoining dining room can be reached through the spiral staircase situated in the center of the loft, which also hugs an impressive, 6-meter chandelier. From a private staircase in the living area, one can reach another bedroom, dressing room, and master bathroom. All six rooms of the penthouse have different temperatures, and are all equipped with an independent sound system that is controlled via A-BUS system. 

One of two bedrooms in the penthouse.
Spacious Botti-fitted kitchen and adjoining dining area.


  • Work in comfort and luxury.
  • A second, private living area perfect for a mid-day break.
  • One of two bathrooms.
  • Street view of the penthouse from outside.

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