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Grüntuch Ernst-designed townhouse in Berlin’s luxurious Mitte area

3 Number of bathrooms
5 Number of rooms
403 Approx. floor area in sqm
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Exceeding the aspects of luxury and comfort in every way, this five-story townhouse in Berlin’s Mitte area is unlike any other. 

The glass and stainless-steel exterior makes this townhouse stand out…
…day and night.

This glass and stainless steel-covered townhouse, situated within a five-story building completed in 2008, stands out among its neighbors on the street. A single-flight of stairs connects the five floors, all of which house high ceilings and are exposed to two individual cardinal points—allowing the sun to beautifully infuse the space throughout the day. The townhouse also features three balconies and an incredible rooftop terrace that allows a panoramic view of the surrounding Mitte area, including onto Berlin’s Fernsehturm. The offer is completed by an indoor elevator and garage for one’s car. 

Surprises in every nook and cranny.
Spacious dining area.
Stunning kitchen set-up with a view.
Rooftop terrace to enjoy a panoramic view of Berlin’s city center.


  • Anchor yourself throughout the day in this comfortable and private living area.
  • A seamless, single flight of stairs to take you floor-to-floor.

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