The Showroom, a performative installation in the FvF Friends Space

Performance art has been called the most essential medium of the 21st century; how else are we to describe the strange times in which we are living?

Inspired by early musical comedies and daytime television, ‘The Showroom’ centers around four characters who navigate social relationships within transactional spaces. In this intimate setting, getting acquainted with the new neighbors quickly spirals into a series of revealing interactions, confessions and hallucinations. The audience is drawn in and out of simulated domestic areas as the drama unfolds throughout the displays.

Please, join us on June 30th for the kick off of our events program with ‘The Showroom’, an episodic performance piece written and directed by Tarren Johnson, at the Friends Space.

Doors open at 7:30pm and performance starts promptly at 8:00pm
Dress Code: Cocktail Party / Black Tie (optional)
There will complimentary snacks and a cash bar for drinks.
Space is limited so reserve your tickets here.

Photography:Robert Rieger
Text:Rosie Flanagan

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