When Surf Lends Itself to Sean Yoro’s Political Waterbound Murals

The East Oahu street artist grew an admiration for the multifaceted elements of nature atop a surfboard as a teenager.

His trajectory eventually shifted as his interests in tattoo art and graffiti pulled him toward New York City. Sean Yoro AKA Hula never let go of the board, and found himself wanting to illuminate the underlying vibrancy from within deserted buildings and aquatic settings. The confluence of these elements set Sean stoically balancing in canals, beside icebergs and next to shipwrecks painting non-toxic chilling portraits of isolated female figures on each unorthodox canvas. His subject’s expressions and positions are akin to seeing a figure underwater where moments seem to elapse more slowly and are savored more intensely. The purpose of the artist’s endeavors is prismatic but largely focuses on inciting political discussions. See more of his work here.

Image: © Hula Studios Inc

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