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Transplanting New York Architecture into the Desert


Seeing New York City for all that it is can be difficult amid its own characteristically crowded context. Designer Anton Repponen has overcome that obstacle by digitally editing the city’s iconic structures into the desert.

Anton took the Chrysler Building, the New Museum, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum placing them in a rugged, arid— almost Martian landscape. The result is a deeper appreciation of the individual elements that collectively compose the look of New York. Parallels between the soft geometry of some of the structures and the environment become apparent, while the cubic atonality of others stand out in stark contrast. Each photograph is presented with a short story by Jon Earle. Check out the series on the Misplaced website.

“The Whitney Museum is the ultimate prize for the serious trophy hunter. An elusive beast, the Whitney roams the plains of Mozambique in search of food and potential mates, stopping occasionally to ‘get some sun’ Compared to this rare and majestic creature, the white rhinoceros is like a common squirrel.”

Images: © Anton Repponen