The Zhongshuge Bookstore Realizes the Futuristic Aesthetic of the ‘60s

Chinese interior design firm XL MUSE actualized a space fitting for Major Tom—and in his absence, gave it to bibliophiles.

The bookstore, which opened in April of this year, veers far away from the usual dusty department-store-meets-mundane-cafe aesthetic. Instead, it’s decked out with circular angles, stark-white walls, and mirrors hung from ceiling to floor. Books are contained in pod-like storage systems, making customers feel more like their stories have been incubated as opposed to invented. The decor ultimately is part of an older, more idealized vision of the future from the 1960’s—a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. See more on the website of the visionary XL MUSE’s work here.

Images © Shao Feng

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