The newly released HOLO 2 explores the boundaries of 21st century creativity

The second issue of HOLO magazine is now out—and they’re continuing to follow their curiosities, probing around the boundaries between art and science, reality and relativity, the human and the artifice.

Keeping a nice balance between the left and right brain—HOLO 2 put theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson in conversation with software artist Casey Reas. This issue also features a DIY random number generator made of paper. That alone is worth picking up a copy, if not to also read about robot choreography, the implications of virtual reality and the influence of the Large Hadron Collider on art.

“Our need for random numbers foregrounds the fundamental limits of our knowledge, scientific objectivity, and the fallibility of human perception.”

Paul Prudence, contributor to HOLO 2

Be sure to grab a copy of HOLO 2 here, from our friends at the Creative Applications Network.

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Text: Kevin Chow
Photography: Jennifer Endom

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