The ironies of life explored in Jean Jullien’s first monograph, Modern Life

“He accomplishes, with single images, the ironies of the modern world, the silliness of our interests, the way we suffocate from limitless choices. He captures the ways we try to connect; the ways we long for depth in shallow seas,” explains Jesse Eisenberg in the foreword to Modern Life.

Renowned French artist, Jean Jullien looks at the world with a humorous eye, combining intelligent social commentary with tongue-in-cheek illustrations. His first book: Modern Life, brings together a selection of over 150 pieces of work—highlighting uncomfortable truths relating to consumption, media, and connectivity, whilst also allowing us to laugh at ourselves. From TGIF, to children on leads, and mini objets d’art, there is something honest in the hilarious, illustrated mirror of society that Jean has managed to create in this book. Pick one up for your coffee table now.

Modern Life has just been published by teNeues. You can find the 160 page book online here.

For more from Jean Jullien, visit his website here, or follow along on his Instagram adventures here.

© Modern Life von Jean Jullien, erschienen bei teNeues

Images: © 2016 Jean Jullien. All rights reserved.
Text:Rosie Flanagan

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