Pushing the Boundaries of Human Perception through Artistic Exploration

Dark matter exists just outside the limits of human perception—an entire reality that exists over ours like a warm cloak that we cannot see. This imperceptible reality is explored in four works that blend technology, art and science.

As part of transmediale/CTM festival’s vorspiel, this exhibition running from January 26 – 29, Dark Science at Spektrum Berlin hopes to lift the veils over our imaginations and allow viewers to peek into another side of reality. Spektrum is an arts space where the arts and science intersect. In this exhibition, photos of Nanomaterial are interpreted into sound, transience is explored through fog and a kinetic installation maps the air.

If you’re in Berlin for Transmediale, be sure to stop by Spektrum between January 26-29 to see the Dark Science exhibition. Visit the Transmediale vorspiel website for the full program. For more information on Dark Science and other Spektrum events, click here.

If you’re interested in art/science projects, be sure to check our portrait of Cedric Kiefer & Julia Laub.

Text:Kevin Chow
Photography: Brigitte Cavanagh, Michael Kugler and Sebastian Wolf

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