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Looking at the International Design Scene at Berlin’s TYPO Labs Conference


In the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in our reading habits—the transition from print to digital also affected the fonts typographers use. TYPO Labs Conference in Berlin takes a closer look at this evolution.

When browsing the internet, when checking street signs, when looking at the ingredients of the yogurt we eat, we gather information that is brought to us through fonts. But nowadays, fonts not only have to work on paper or standard computer screens but also on eBook readers or high-res Retina displays. The demands on types are changing, emoji have emerged and were adapted as characters. The world of typography is therefore an important, though often unnoticed, part of our lives.

At Berlin’s annual TYPO Labs Conference—an offshoot of the TYPO Berlin fair—the state of affairs in the world of type development is discussed and examined at length. The conference brings together leading engineers and practitioners from the font industry, OS developers and academics, featuring talks, industry discussion panels, classrooms and peer learning. Speakers include Dan Rhatigan (Adobe) and Peter Constable and Rob McKaughan (Microsoft), as well as font developer Bianca Berning (Dalton Maag) and many more. This year, participants will look at “New Dimensions in Type Engineering” and question how we can improve tools and strategies to visualize and work with texts on screens.

The second TYPO Labs Conference will be held in Berlin at Silent Green Kulturquartier, April 6–8, 2017. Read the whole program here. If you want to take part, sign up here.

Text: Milena Zwerenz
Photography: TYPO Labs Press Material