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Link List #103: Fashion behind bars, the NHS takes steps to eradicate period poverty, and the future for America’s most prominent investigative reporter

In honor of Women’s Day, this week’s Link List is all about the ladies. We’ve been reading about incarcerated females who produce luxury fashion items, how only six countries in the world enshrine gender equality in laws affecting work, and how patients of Britain’s National Health Service will now receive free sanitary products on request.


    • 1 Carcel is a Danish fashion brand whose products are produced by female prisoners in the hope of providing them with jobs, training, and a crime-free future. But with reports of Muslims in brutal Chinese internment camps being forced to produce sportswear, and strikes against meagre wages in American prisons, it appears that when it comes to “fashion behind bars” there’s a fine line between aid and exploitation. The New York Times investigates.
    • 2 If you’re a female who’s fed up of gender inequality in the workplace, you may want to consider making a move to Belgium, Denmark or France, as a new study by the World Bank shows that they’re three of only six countries to give men and women equal legal working rights, reports The Guardian.
    • 3 The UK may still be in Brexit chaos, but at least they’re taking steps towards eradicating period poverty. In this short article, Dazed Digital informs us that after repeated lobbying by the British Medical Association, the NHS have recently announced that any of their patients will be able to ask for free sanitary products as of this summer. Next step, removing the tampon tax classing sanitary products as luxury items.
    • 4 Renowned for her coverage of the Brett Kavanaugh scandal, Jane Mayer of The New Yorker is one of the most prominent investigative reporters in today’s America. But what’s next for the intrepid journalist? ELLE Magazine speaks to Mayer about her interests in abuse of power, threats to democracy, and corruption, and how she’s not quite finished reporting on Kavanaugh.
    • 5 “Can’t I just be a woman and use my womanhood as a weapon?” questions Japanese rapper Elle Teresa in this interview with i-D, which explores how it’s difficult for female rappers in Japan to get attention without adopting hyper-male personas.
    • 6 Haven’t had a chance to catch up on Paris Fashion Week yet? Vanessa Friedman, fashion director for The New York Times offers her feminist take on Dior, Saint Laurent, and Margiela’s latest collections, and questions who gets to decide what is appropriate gear for the current battle of the sexes.

Hopefully you enjoyed the reads from this week’s Link List, but if you’ve still got an internet itch to scratch, you can find more here.

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Text: Emily May
Photography: Robert Rieger