Katharina Grosse Blasts an Abandoned House with Fuchsia Paint in Rememberance

The German artist recently took to covering any unremarkable surfaces of an abandoned structure with four layers of paint—breathing new life into the defunct dwelling.

Klaus Biesenbach, the chief curator of MoMa commissioned the piece entitled Rockaway! which developed into a statement on the relationship between the forces of nature and mankind. Katharina’s installation at Fort Tilden is part of MoMA’s PS1 program which provides funding to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. With the trees, sand and home all covered with violent slashes of color, Katharina’s work speaks to life after ravage. Get more details on the artist here.

“I wanted a very artificial color in relationship to the nature, the water, and the sand. Red felt the most visual and hostile.”

For more information visit the homepage of Rockaway! exhibition via MoMa
Images: © Katharina Grosse

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