Architect Luiz Eduardo Lupatini’s Design Predicts the Future Orientation Toward Natural Materials

Brazilian architect Luiz Eduardo Lupatini created a visual musing about the nature of human use of building materials.

He placed his conceptual design “Lost Landscape” at the heart of a quarry which would inspire individuals to confront their preconceived ideas about consumption. There is a notable interplay with positive and negative space as well as the presence of both industrial and natural textures. Monolithic concrete walls and entrances would allow people to navigate the extraction site as if it were a system of naturally occurring caves. See more on the winning Carrara Thermal Baths Competition project here.

“We rarely stop to think about the origin of the materials which make up the built environment, or the raw materials necessary for the endless demands of contemporary human activity.”

For more information about the design visit the Carrara Thermal Baths Competition 

Images: © Luiz Eduardo Lupatini

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