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2011 in numbers and pictures


What an amazing and great year we leave behind us – the team grew with the challenges and amount of traffic. We received another Lead Award and became international. Along the way we published almost 1000 pictures, more than 30 Interviews, 10 Videos, set up teams in New York City, London, Paris, Sao Paulo and expanded our reach in Berlin. In addition to all the above we produced and published our first book.

Today, after our first working day in this new, exciting year, we dived deep into our numbers and analyzed some of our stats. Hereby we want to give some insight into FvF and also want to thank our readers and supporters. We also want to send a big thank you to our clients and partners who helped make all this possible and enabled us to travel the world. All these journeys and experiences could easily fit into two years. We travelled to New Zealand, from Australia to Indonesia, India, China and the United States, explored Brazil, South Africa and then back to Paris, London and Helsinki.

A lot people asked us „what is our favorite portrait or picture on FvF?“ Well, it‘s almost impossible to make such a call. Perhaps it was meeting photographer legend Michael Halsband who talked about his first time shooting for the Rolling Stones? Or the impressive wardrobe of Luc Besson’s confidante Claire Safronoff in Paris? Maybe it was the lovely details in illustrator Frank Höhnes apartment („Willße mippm Rauchen aufhörn“)?

But who are we to decide – see what our readers liked the most in 2011.

Top 5 Portraits

1. Silke Neumann – Agency owner, Apartment, Berlin-Moabit, published 21.09.2011.

2. Malin Elmlid, master of breadexchange in her home in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg – published 20.07.2010.
3. Christiane Bördner & Marcus Gaab, art-director and photographer, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg published on 03.03.2011.
4. Jacob Klein & Nathan Cowen (Haw-Lin), Graphic Designer, Apartments, Berlin-Kreuzberg, published 16.09.2011
5. Joseph Dirand, Architect, in his Apartment and Studio, Paris-9ème et 10ème Arrdt – published 07.09.2011.

Top 3 Videos

1. Karen & Christian Boros at their loft in Berlin-Mitte

2. Joseph Dirand in Paris
3. Haw-Lin from Berlin

The favorite FvF Photos according to ffffound.com

Bettina Krieg in her studio.

Axel van Exel in his apartment.

Interior details by André Wyst and Ines Colmorgen.

The Most Visitors in 2011 came from

1. Germany
2. U.S.A.
3. United Kingdom
4. France
5. Sweden

The most popular Mixtapes

1. FvF Mixtape #12 by Nick Smith living in Melbourne, Australia

2. FvF Mixtape #11 Nov.2011 by Jamal Dixon from New York City, USA.
3. FvF Mixtape #10 Oct.2011 by Sven Hausherr from Berlin

The favorite Travel pic from our Travelblog

A brazilian sunrise on the roof top terrace of Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo from our favorite photographer Ailine Liefeld.

We wish you a happy new year and are looking forward to an exciting 2012!

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