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NOME reopens with an exhibition by James Bridle

NOME reopens with an exhibition by James Bridle

Established in 2015, NOME is a Berlin-based gallery working in that fertile intersection between art, politics, and technology.

After two years’ worth of provocative exhibitions, NOME is now relocating to a new home—just a few doors down from the FvF Office in Kreuzberg. They open with an exhibition by Athens-based British artist James Bridle.

The exhibition, titled ‘Failing to Distinguish Between a Tractor Trailer and the Bright White Sky’, takes a closer look at self-driving cars. Beginning with a self-driving car’s accident report, all of the work on show examines our faith in algorithms and our relationship to technology. Perhaps these AI systems—and others like them—are not as failsafe as we would like to believe. The exhibition looks set to demonstrate just how easy it is to confuse, muddle and subvert a machine’s gaze.

If you’d like to catch the inaugural exhibition at NOME’s new gallery space, it opens Friday 21 April 2017, and runs until 29 July, at Glogauer Str. 17, 10999 Berlin. Find out more at their website.

If you’re interested in visual arts, take a look at the FvF art archive here.

Text: Siobhan Leddy