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Meet the FvF Contributors: Natalie Weiss from Paris


To provide you with a better picture, who the people behind Freunde von Freunden are, we want to introduce you to our international team on a regular basis. Some of them have been with us even before the very start of FvF and others joined the crew along the road to go on this never tiring and global adventure.

The second contributor we would like to introduce is Natalie Weiss, better known under her distinctive nickname Schnati. The 24-year-old girl from Cologne used to be an integral part of the German fashion blog Les Mads, which was found and lead by her sister Jessica Weiß. For several years she supplied the publication with a classy selection of street-style photography and snapshots of her private sources of inspiration.

Schnati was essential in helping FvF to establish their Paris network and conducted many of the French interviews. In addition to her great sensibility when taking pictures, she also showed off her great writing talent.

Due to her wide range of interests Schnati studied film and graduated with a bachelor degree in Media & Computer Science. Besides finishing her Master Degree in New Media & European studies at VUB Brussels, she currently also works as a freelance photographer and writer for online platforms such as the German Vogue.

The freckled young lady experienced a constant to-and-from between Berlin, Cologne, Brussels and Paris, where she lost her heart once and for all and in many respects. Her boyfriend, another outstanding photography talent, shares the love for detail in their common flat where she enjoys sipping her morning tea surrounded by everything inspiring – which happens effortlessly when living in the capital not just of France but also of aesthetics.

What’s essential to your daily routine?
Tea and croissant while looking at news sites and fashion blogs and then reality: Either writing my Master’s paper or doing some kind of creative work. And lately moving places has been a part of my daily routine as well, since I moved twice in a month!

Where do you relax or get inspired? 
I relax in bed with a great book or in the sun at the beach (both happens to rarely though. In order to read and relax more I started a book club with a friend.) Inspiration in return is around me constantly: films (preferably old ones), magazines, blogs and of course Paris and its inhabitants inspire me!

How has technology influenced you?
I guess it got me into a struggle between real life and the depiction of it – I spend too much time in the visual world, but yet it is certainly the most enriching and boundary breaking experience that I could have ever imagined when I was a child. It influences my everyday life so much that I can’t even tell what it changes in detail, it has become a very natural part of my life.

Best travel memory or destination?
South Africa. The Kruger National Park and the beautiful scenery around it was simply stunning. My road trip in California is also unforgettable.

Your latest artistic discovery (musical, art or design)?
It is not a real discovery, since I knew Breakbot before, but my latest favorite song is 1 out of 2.  I am listening to it at least 4 times a day!

What current global or local topics are you fascinated with?
Changes within countries and of global impact interest me. It is fascinating how culture and politics differ tremendously and yet there is such a strong interlinkage between most countries. The next continent I would like to discover is Asia – starting with South Korea where a good friend of mine lives.

Now that you’ve moved to Paris, what is the difference to Brussels?
It is so much more chic – pretty Parisian girls are all over and the esthetics of the city is simply overwhelming, even after having lived here for a while a couple of years back.

What is your favorite hide away in Paris?
Our new home and area is the greatest hide away! We lived in a pretty touristic area before and just moved to the 12th Arrondissement, where everything is more calm and authentic. Apart from that I love the Parc des Buttes Chaumont up on the hill with its great view, or going to the Bois de Vincennes in the periphery.

Who is your favorite photographer?
From past times my favorite ones are Jeanloup Sieff, Doisneau and Frantisek Dritkol. In more modern and colorful terms I like the work of Glenn Luchford, Camilla Akrans or Sølve Sundsbø. But I am sincerely impressed by the number of talented photographers and beautiful series I see all the time, so that I could probably extend this list endlessly.

Merci Beaucoup, Schnati!
Discover more on her website and see the portraits she shot with us here.

Schnati did a great job shooting and interviewing photographer David Bornscheuer in his wonderful living space in Paris. Read the whole story here.

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