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Meet the FvF Contributors: Antonia Märzhäuser from Berlin


When you think about the expansive international network that is Freunde von Freunden, sooner or later you will arrive at the core team who initially planted the seeds in Berlin’s soil and started it all.

Antonia Märzhäuser could be considered as one of the first caretakers at Freunde von Freunden. She started working as editor in Berlin in 2011 and made her debut interview with artist, Raul Walch. Furthermore, this young lady was responsible for our first connections with Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, where she lived for several months and maintains strong ties.


Never tired of exploring new shores, she will soon leave her hometown of Berlin yet again to set up her tents in Tokyo, Japan, for a while, before coming back to graduate at the University of the Arts, Berlin. Antonia’s most recent contributions to our magazine included the insightful conversations with architect, Arno Brandlhuber and artist, Friedrich Gobesso in Berlin, as well as a portrait of Tomi Friman, the man behind CTRL Clothing, in Helsinki. We are extremely fortunate that this talented writer and adventurous explorer continues to keep tight connections with FvF, supporting us with interesting interviews into the future – whether it‘s from Tokyo or Timbuktu.

What’s your favorite daily ritual?
Resist the snooze button and head down to Monsieur Ibrahim, a small Turkish coffee shop in my street and have 30 minutes of technology-free time with an newspaper and a cortado.

What do you do when you are not working with Freunde von Freunden?
Like Sarah put it the other day “the dark side of academic life took me back”. I am doing my Masters at Universität der Künste where I also work as the chair of Cultural Studies.

Where do you go when you want to relax or get inspired in your city?
Bode Museum on a working day is the calmest and most beautiful place. I forget about everything wandering from one marbled room to another. There is also a lovely cafe in one of the domes with incredibly good gateaus. And in summer nothing can compare with the pleasure of an evening-swim at Schlachtensee.

How has technology influenced you?
Right now I really feel that the overstimulation of information and pictures makes me step a little bit back. I think sometimes it is important to focus on just one thing at a time but the digital world always seduces me to do so many things simultaneously. I really do appreciate the seclusive character of a book.

Best travel memory?
Arriving at the most beautiful lake Skadar after a three hour car ride over an Albanian dirt road with two strangers who drive like nuts and have a thing for Italo-Balkan techno.

Your latest artistic discovery (music, art or design)?
Contemporary Taiwanese cinema! I am fascinated by the modest but challenging narration and the aesthetic.

What was the last great meal you ate and where?
That must have been the Claudia Cardinale Pizza at Rocco und seine Brüder a few days ago. But actually I would love to have Kaiserschmarrn (with raisins!) around the clock.

Three websites – more or less – you visit daily?
Facebook -it must be admitted, Zeit Online, FAZ, Der Freitag – because sometimes the snooze button wins, and – yes, I do check the weather every day!

Who would you like to see featured next on FvF?
Definitely more portraits from Turkey and the Middle East!

You are a real globetrotter – where have you lived and what were the best things about these places?
I spent my last year in Istanbul and this is definitely a city that influenced me a lot. The people are simply great, they are all very proud people but at the same time extremely warm and welcoming. I loved the high degree of improvisation that makes everyday life more real in a way. Maybe that is one reason why there is so much creative energy in the city – because things are not set yet – they still need to be negotiated and boundaries still can be pushed.

What’s a current topic that fascinates you?
On a political level the situation in the Middle East as been occupying me for quite a while. Elections in Iran are coming up so this will be very high up on my agenda.

Thank you Toni, for this little interview. We are looking forward to your next contributions.

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