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Eleven Female Designers, a Pop-Up Exhibition, and the Power of Creative Exchange


Berlin-based female collective MATTER of COURSE draws attention to the importance of creative collaboration with its first pop-up exhibition. You’re invited!

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly challenged the ways in which designers interact, collaborate, and seek inspiration. Fortunately, in some cases, it has also given way to support-networks and communities that were needed long before the outbreak. 

Reuniting eleven independent female designers on a quest for creative exchange, personal development, and professional empowerment, the Berlin-based collective MATTER of COURSE is a case in point. On occasion of its public debut, between the 11th and 13th of September, the collective presents BALANCING ACTS, a pop-up exhibition celebrating the power of female togetherness and finding balance in contemporary life. The exhibition is curated by Anava Projects and—much to our delight—will open its doors to the public in our Friends Space in Kreuzberg. 

Product Photography: Anne Deppe I Set Styling: Nici Theuerkauf I Production: Eugenia Vicari

Ranging from furniture and lighting to textiles, carpets, and accessories, the exhibition is organized in six vignettes, each featuring works by multiple members of the collective. The juxtapositions draw on the diversity of the designers’ creative backgrounds (which include architecture, visual art, product design, and carpentry), and are conceived to express the values that shaped the birth of the collective and its support-structures for sharing ideas, struggles, and experiences: there are strength, poetry, and the desire to build a vibrant, more inclusive design-landscape.

As the images anticipate, the exhibition is an immersive tapestry of artistic sensitivity and craftsmanship. The careful assemblages also reflect the designers’ commitment to balance: between the needs of individuals and collectives; between personal and professional responsibilities, between form, color, and material; between feeling gratitude for what is given and the strive for innovation, experimentation, and growth. Further connecting the designers’ work—and individual points of view, is a deep respect for the ecological and social environment. All eleven members of the collective work independently out of their own studios, allowing them to carefully source materials and to oversee the design and production processes closely.

Sunday,    12.9.    11:00 – 20:00 h  |  exhibition  > book your slot
Monday,   13.9.    11:00 – 18:00 h  |  exhibition  > book your slot

Friends Space  /  Glogauer Str. 2  /  10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Heike Buchfelder / PLUMA CUBIC | Friederike Delius / STUDIO BERG | Joa Herrenknecht / STUDIO JOA HERREN-KNECHT | Milena Kling / STUDIO MILENA KLING | Mareike Lienau / LYK CARPET | Simone Lüling / ELOA – UNIQUE LIGHTS | Claudia Schoemig / SCHOEMIG PORZELLAN | Laura Straßer / STUDIO LAURA STRASSER | Elisa Strozyk / STUDIO ELISA STROZYK | Nicolene van der Walt / NICOLENE VAN DER WALT | Carolin Zeyher / FRAU CAZE

MATTER of COURSE is a new, Berlin-based collective of eleven female independent designers drawn together to create a space for cooperation and exchange. They come from different disciplines, approaches, perspectives, and backgrounds, joined by a sustainable worldview and a commitment to excellence.