Pablo Bronstein Draws upon Early Modern Period Tropes to Reflect on the Brexit through Performance and Installation Art

For the Tate Britain’s annual Duveen Galleries, Pablo invented the performance piece “Historical Dances in an Antique Setting” to ironically objectify the country’s politics.

The piece included 12 dancers, performing three at a time, blending together movements from the highly expressive trends of ’80s voguing as as well as those from the Book of the Courtier published in 16th century. The event was set against a backdrop of digitally distorted images on the neoclassical building’s exterior. The performance artists traced their movements around the layout of a baroque garden and a Greek key along the floor. A cacophony of opulent and ignorant elements was the lasting impression—no doubt intended to act as a mirror of the societal situation which would later give rise to the Brexit. To experience the performance on until 9th October, visit the Tate website here.

“Grand architecture is one of the things I’m most interested in, so it was a rare opportunity to be able to create work in such a unique setting as the Duveen Galleries.” – Pablo Bronstein

Images: © Pablo Bronstein and Brotherton-Lock

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